We partner with management teams that have a deep understanding of the industry, are competent and are passionate about growth. We believe in assisting management to develop transformational strategy and deliver successful results with minimal interference in daily operations. To achieve this, one of the central pillars of our investment philosophy is to align our interests closely with our investee partners.

We apply the following investment criteria in vetting opportunities:

We primarily target opportunities in the range of US$2 million to US$10 million per investment and will ideally seek to take a significant minority position (20% to 49%). We are, however, capable of making larger investments (up to US$25 million) in attractive investments in partnership with RMB.
We are sector agnostic. However, we do not invest in tobacco, firearms, hard liquor, primary agriculture, speculative real estate development and mining and extractive industries.
We prefer investments in growth companies, with a regional focus.
Our optimal investment holding period is typically 4-8 years, with flexibility to extend the investment horizon if appropriate.